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Does the Universe come into creation through "creative entities"?

The Upanishads talk about a single entity that creates but this man has experienced several of them directly:

Energetic keys given directly by God to a nurse during a near death experience

"Energy can't be created or destroyed so you don't die." Nurse's grandma

Directly from God: "The hardest thing to do which I was shown is to control my thoughts about other people. A thought has a certain measure of energy to it and a word has even more and an action has even more than that but it all starts with a thought. What you think about is what you talk about is what you end up doing. He showed me negative thoughts that I had had about people and they were deserved, these were some jerky people. He showed me that when you have a negative thought that energy goes out there and it attaches itself to that person and you contribute to the jerk that person is. This is why forgiving is so important. When we forgive, that energy is redirected and so that little bit of negative that I put on you that made you more the negative person you are now comes off because I have forgiven you. So it's really important to that other person's journey for you to forgive them and it's really important to you because that negative energy also detaches from you and energy attracts energy so if you're harboring negative feelings you're just drawing more of it to you."


This is in line with what Neem Karoli Baba recommended not to do which is to either say something negative or think something negative about another person.

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Australian aboriginal oneness experience: understanding how to gain access to the dreamtime.

The following is an extract from Robbie Holz's book Aboriginal secrets of awakening a journey of healing and spirituality with a remote australian tribe (highly recommended reading). Her oneness experience happens after several days of ceremony with aboriginal women at Uluru in Australia. Before this experience happens, the aboriginals work on her in the dreamtime as she describes: 

First there is the cleansing:

"I could feel energetic and subconscious changes and I could see them in my companions as well. They were opening us energetically, removing blockages and repairing our mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. They were working on us in the dreamtime at the energetic patterning level. Many of the white women were breaking down and releasing long held pain and worry during the slow, hot days."

So what's going on here is for the "ascension" to take place, there needs to be a release of "negative emotions". In Q'eros parlance, this is heavy energy. Intuitively this makes a ton sense. E=MC^2. Energy = mass times the speed of light squared where Energy = the cosmic consciousness. The coordinates of the great pyramid of Giza are the speed of light and judging by the type of experience one can have there, we can say the Giza pyramid is a device for projecting "light" to tap into "energy" aka cosmic consciousness by subtracting mass through the 110 Hz frequency. Through the experience described by Robbie Holz we learn that negative emotions have a "mass" so they pull you down into matter so in order to get out of matter into the dreamtime you need to reduce your "mass", the baggage you carry around.

Sri M. describes Mahavatar Babaji doing the exact same work on him in his autobiography and this is very important because it means that there's a link between Hinduism and aboriginal knowledge when it comes to Shakti which is the energetic field through which matter comes into being and which the aboriginals refer to as "the dreamtime".

Then the Aboriginals work on doing healing:

"one night I awoke suddenly in the early hours. Behind my closed eyes I saw patterns of Aboriginal symbols. It was like when you stare at something and then close your eyes. What you see behind your lids is the negative of what you were looking at. [...] I instinctively knew that the aboriginals were working on me - I was being healed by the Aborigines. They were sending transmissions, upgrading my software, so to speak, and removing what didn't serve me anymore. They were raising my energetic vibration for the ceremonies we would be performing together that week".

The take away from this is if you want to access God, go see an energetic healer (bioenergy specialist) first, it should help to get you there faster. Actually this is exactly what happened to Robert Davis.

Robbie goes through a process where she uplifts herself through accepting herself and increasing her self-love by helping others. In India, they call this process doing Seva. Through doing this she goes through a deep process of identification with others and deep empathy which helps to remove our own boundaries. She notices that "No matter how extraordinary a life a woman is living, no matter how much we are accomplishing, most of us feel inadequate. [...] Why are we so unappreciative and judgemental of ourselves? Embrace and love and accept yourself just as you are. Accept all of you especially the parts you dislike. When you embrace every part of yourself, even the unwanted parts - only then can you truly shine."

She also goes through a process of gratitude for being nurtured by mother Earth which is again a time during which she is raising her vibration:

"I watched as the Aborigines danced in bare feet on the burning hot sand. A kind of awe began building inside me. I closed my eyes and gently rocked to the hypnotic cadence. It felt like my worries and concerns were being slowly melted away by the rhythm of the clappers. With my eyes still closed, the music seemed to fade quietly into the background and I focused on my heart. I could feel gratitude welling up inside me... Deep gratitude for my life... all of it, even the painful parts. The gratitude in my heart seemed to grow and grow until its warmth engulfed my entire body. I found myself engulfed in a wave of overwhelming love and gratitude to Gaia."

Can you see how much of an organic and emotional self-raising process this is? The Buddha went through exactly the same process just before experiencing enlightenment. Someone who had practiced zen meditation for 18 years got to the same result using this same technique in 2 years and said he wished he'd known. To reach the dreamtime, we have to learn how to lose ourselves into a worldwind of positive emotions whilst letting and releasing the negative ones. I had that exact same experience myself prior to experiencing oneness. I spent one or two hours laughing before breaking into it.

Then Robbie experiences what the dreamtime is:

"I noticed a large dragonfly hovering close to the head of one of the dancing Aborigines. As I stared at it, the dragonfly seemed to blend into the leaves of the scraggly trees behind it, as if it were part of the landscape. Then I noticed that the same thing was happening with the dancing Aborigines. They were blending into the background of large red rocks and puffy white clouds into the bright blue sky. Everything shimmered and seemed to melt together. Although I could distinctly see each object, it felt as if there was no separation between them. With everything blended together as one, I couldn't feel any demarcations or distinguish any lines. Each person and object blended or rolled off infinitely into the next and the next and the next. I felt a sense of boundless interconnectedness between everything. What happened next was even more profound. My heart began to expand until it expanded far beyond my body. I felt intense love and compassion flowing from it. An airy feeling came over me, as if there were no time and space. This went beyond any intellectual knowing there was no time and space - I could feel there was no time and space! I lost all sense of where I began and ended. And all sense of time passing. It felt like everything was interconnected in a timeless boundless consciousness. And I knew with the kind of knowing that encompasses your whole being that I was part of this infinite consciousness. In an instant I knew this One-Consciousness wasn't only within me and everything around me, it stretched infinitely beyond the cosmos, beyond our universe. The intensity of the love coming from this interconnected consciousness struck me to the heart."

This is one of the most beautiful descriptions of the oneness experience I have read. From this book, we also learn her husband through accessing the dreamtime is able to develop telepathic abilities and communicate with aboriginals in Australia whilst in America telepathically. He also develops the ability to communicate with birds and animals telepathically. He also learns from the aboriginals to communicate with his spirit guardians and they help him to heal others. Learning about this was a very big eye opener for me. I didn't know whether spirit guardians were a made up belief or not before then. Learning that aboriginal people gave credensce to this, helped me to realise that I was missing out by not trying to make contact. All my life I had wanted to know what the dreamtime was and I couldn't find anyone to clarify it for me. Finally I understand! It's the oneness experience with the added depth that the creatures who were involved in creating this reality are known to the Aboriginals and that the Aboriginals live it by caring for the land as much as people. 

This is a big difference between Westerners and Aboriginals. They live in harmony with spiritual principles. We don't because we don't have the spiritual experiences they have. We tend to channel our energy into chasing money which translates into 40% of the British population being on anti-depressants for instance because we can't find much meaning in what we do. By comparison, Aboriginal people spend up to half of their lifetimes according to this book in the dreamtime and they are fulfilled in that. That's the dream of all yogis. That's the way things could be if money didn't exist and people had enough spare time to gain a deep understanding of the world they live in.

Another interesting parallel between Aboriginals and yogis is attention. Aboriginals place a lot of attention in being in the now and paying attention to what is happening right now. They also seem to have realised that concentration is essential to be able to enter the dreamtime.

It's also noteworthy that when the Aboriginals want to heal someone they go in that field and make changes within it. This explains a lot about miraculous healings such as the blueprint for healing presented in the Becoming Supernatural Joe Dispenza book.

Another precious lesson from this book is what love should look like. Robbie and Gary's love story is the kind of all love story we all dream. Thanks to the intuitive abilities Gary develops in his journey he is able to recognise in Robbie a woman whom he has loved deeply in countless previous lives as in he sees her when he meets her outside of time as who she was in all of these previous lives. Who would have thought that spiritual development can bring about the ability to pick one's soulmate?

We already described other means to access the space beyond time in a previous post.

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What is the best prayer?

Around 1:43 Sri M states the most effective prayer for attaining the oneness state is Aum:


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A beautiful and inspiring talk on raising one's vibration and directing ourselves towards unconditional love


The believe you can do it shortcut

In the old days there used to be people who would suddenly forget about life and death with just one word from a Zen teacher. Also, there were many people who got enlightenment after three or seven days of practice.  However, people these days have very little patience and practice Zen as a sideline. Because of this, people who have practiced for even twenty or thirty years still have not attained Buddhism’s great meaning. When you eat rice yourself, you feel full. If you don’t practice Zen yourself, even the Buddha and eminent teachers cannot help you. If you want to practice Zen, first win the battle of the six senses.  - The Teachings of Zen Master Man Gong, p.12


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Link between raising the Kundalini and the 4- 7 Hz frequency

In Analysis and assessments of Gateway Process from 1983 declassified by the CIA in 2003 and written by the American military it says:

Although normally a period of meditation involving intense concentration and practice for five years or some is required to “bring up the Kundalini,” Bentov states that exposure to mechanical or acoustical vibrations in the range of 4 – 7 Hertz (cycles per second) for protracted periods may achieve the same effect. Bentov cites as an example “repeated riding in a car whose suspension and seat combination produce that range of vibrations, or being exposed for long periods of time to these frequencies (…).” He also notes that: “The cumulative effects of these vibrations may be able to trigger a spontaneous physio-Kundalini sequence in susceptable people who have a particularly sensitive nervous system” (McDonnell, 1983 – page 5).

One of the best explanations for Buddhism I've ever come across


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Distinguishing right from wrong, good from evil in a society and spiritual hierarchies that are busy blurring the lines

"Mindfulness is to get early students programmed ‘not to judge’ then to not trust their own perceptions. Both of them told us we should see these Lamas and particularly Sogyal, as our gurus and ‘extended family” because that is how they see each other: an ‘extended family of Enlightened Superior beings”; and, as Dzongsar Rinpoche says, they, and their “Vajrayana Tantra, is above Western Law.” They all believe this, teach this together, same cookie cutter teachings that they were programmed with as young children. Newest students are carefully kept from their secrets until they lure you into their Tantric net, after years of mindfulness lobotomy practices, so you no longer judge ‘right from wrong’ ‘good or bad’ etc.and see everything as empty and a dream." Christine A. Chandler

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The Ganga river shortcut

In this interview, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati explains how she received an immediate awareness of the divinity of all that is simply by putting her feet in the Ganga river and with no spiritual background or interest:

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The oneness experience through dark energy

A Marine tells of his experience whilst in the presence of other marines encountering a formless form of energy with the ability to create the darkest of darknesses and the ability to create the direct experience of God.

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Treatments for covid, covid vaccines and PCR tests


Disclaimer: this article is a summary of suggestions available online as well as logic but not laboratory-tested, clinical-study backed  suggestions. I am not suggesting people use the suggestions herein because there could be adverse health consequences with some more than others particularly if one messes up the dosage. Consult a doctor or alternative health therapist for advice on your preferred treatment and dosage. What is suggested here is simply a list of research avenues amongst many possibilities.

Please read our article on suspected presence of graphene in covid vaccines for some context on the treatments recommended below.

Did you know that corona in latin means radiation and virus in latin means poison so corona virus means radiation poisoning amplified by a particulate called graphene oxide. Once you understand that, you're going to understand how to treat this better. Radiation in excess of 3 to 5 Mhz causes cancer. We're at 2.4 Ghz at 2G!


What can you do if you have already taken the vaccine?

If you have taken the Pfizer shot, you need to immediately order yourself some Resveratrol.  Dr. Robert O. Young conducted one of the most in-depth analysis of the contents of the vaccine and he found that the Pfizer vaccine contains the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite which is one of many causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS. Fortunately, if you catch it early enough, it can be treated with a natural supplement called resveratrol. If you took the vaccine a long time ago, you will need to look into other ways of treating trypanosoma cruzi.

If you've taken other shots, the first thing you should do is take preventative action before you become ill because you will become ill sooner or later from these there's no question about that.

You may not be sick straight after taking the vaccine but we do not know the long term effects or the nefarious ways in which the graphene in these could be used and all of them contain graphene. So how do you get it out of your body? 

Quinta Columna has successfully found ways of degrading graphene using a combination of anti-oxidants. They recommend in particular N-acetylcysteine and zinc. You can find out more about a more detailed treatment in this video

Karen Kingston points out that the Moderna patent states that it contains hydrogel. A Slovakian lab found DARPA-patented hydrogel on PCR tests. They also found that ivermectin is effective at destroying it but that would only be true for the body, not the brain. One single study on the matter is not enough. Ideally, we would need more confirmation and more studies using other anti-parasitic drugs in petri dishes to determine whether it might be possible to eliminate hydrogel once it has crossed the blood-brain barrier. Ivermectin does not cross the blood brain barrier and both the vaccine and the hydrogel in PCR tests get into the brain.

You can get your blood tested to verify if you are magnetic. And you can also take these steps. Quinta Columna has the following articles on healing yourself: article 1, article 2, article 3, article 4 and article 5

This article comes from a friend of mine and is a full protocol.

This article has some additional suggestions

This doctor has yet more suggestions.

The vaccines are known to lower glutathione levels. Quinta Columna recommends a supplement treatment in order to boost anti-oxidants levels in the body. Boosting anti-oxidants has a measurable demagnetising effect on the graphene. But Quinta Columna don't mention that there are other ways to boost glutathione than through supplements. One company in particular is focused on this type of treatment: Lifewave. Whilst Lifewave uses a stem cell boosting product for one of their treatments which could also be beneficial, their glutathione boosting product looks interesting. You can find more information about this on their patent application. I was concerned about claims they use nano-tech and this entering the body in light of the fact that covid-19 vaccines have the same issue however the technology in question works outside the body.

In particular their patent states that glutathione is effective at removing mercury from the brain and Quinta Columna's research shows that glutathione is also effective at removing graphene from the body so it stands to reason that boosting glutathione levels in the brain solves our problem of getting rid of the effect of both the PCR test technology and the graphene in vaccines once it's gotten into the brain. Quinta Columna have found N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and zinc works but the patent states that the effect of NAC reduces after 30-60 minutes whereas their technology seems to deliver an ongoing boost. This passage explains how it works:

"Glutathione levels in the brain are reduced by use of thiomersal, a mercury containing Substance placed in some vaccines. Some researchers believe that the acute depletion of Glutathione by mercury containing compounds in vaccines creates neurotoxicity. The severity of the illness may be related to the total amount of mercury received and the time-frame of the exposure. A number of studies have now confirmed that autistic children have reduced circulating levels of Glutathione in their blood stream and laboratory markers indicating increased oxidative stress. Tremendous controversy exists about this issue, with many doctors and parents now believing that vaccines containing this substance, along with other sources of mercury exposure, may cause autism. Both intravenous Glutathione therapy and oral antioxidant substances are widely used by many clinicians around the world in the treatment of autism because of the clinical results produced when these therapies are given. The reason Glutathione is used to treat mercury toxicity is because Glutathione is the major mechanism used by the liver, kidneys and brain to excrete mercury."

So there you have it, if Glutathione helps with getting rid of mercury, it ought to help with getting rid of graphene.

Another treatment to consider is GcMAF. 8 naturopaths who were involved in studying this and gathering evidence either died of heart attacks or committed suicide. Numerous people think these deaths were not accidental and due to the efficacy of the treatment. Given the vaccine is going to cause inflammations and this treatment helps against that as well as numerous other ailments, it could be worth a try. Just because there's no clinical studies doesn't mean it doesn't work given the fact it works for such a widespread number of other issues. 

Along similar lines to GcMAF is sodium bicarbonate. This is another treatment that helps to increase the body's alkalinity which is something that Dr Robert Young strongly recommends to stay healthy or to fight disease. He states it can pretty much solve any condition because it's native to the stomach whose true purpose is to produce it. That's an inexpensive and safe treatment. Best to take after meals I'd say given it's produced by the stomach to alkalise food. You'll need to do your own research on dosage.

Amongst the methods which may seem more extreme and unpallatable to some, there are those who recommend to use a small amount of borax daily. One of my friends who is a naturopath does this and has not reported any health issues. Bentonite clay and charcoal tablets could be useful at flushing out demagnetised graphene although I'm not sure about bentonite clay as some say it contains toxic metals.

Others recommend the use of Chlorine dioxide (additional info here and here too) which some people report to be so effective it cures cancer whilst the FDA warns that chlorine dioxide carries a risk of death (at the wrong dose, of course) so one simply needs to find out about the correct doses. There are two products for this: one is CDS which is more diluted and the other is MMS (miracle mineral supplement). Due to Trump mentioning this MMS was made unavailable in the US. However, what they could not forbid is using it to treat water so you can still get it, it's just under a different name (chlorine dioxide) and you need to make your own (mixing citric acid with a sodium solution and a saline solution). Andreas Kalcker has conducted scientific research on the issue as it relates to Covid-19 not vaccine detox and has come up with 3 protocols.

There is also a spiritual way to fight this: by maintaining a high vibration but in my opinion it's a vibration so high that it's out of reach of most people. After listening to Harald Kautz Vella and reading an article about this, I can look back at my own experience of meeting a magnetiser and conclude that, yes this should work but requires a lot of training because some people are born with significantly higher vibrations than others and to mount to a higher vibration requires a lot of work. The magnetiser in question was able to short circuit electronic equipment. This is possible if you are full of love, feel really good about yourself, want to help others and you have a lot of living energy within you and in current times, our vibrations have been lowered by a constant onslaught of artificially created bad news.

How can I detox from nanobot technology?

There's two ways of getting rid of these bloody nanobots: borax which is cheap but I don't know how safe it is. One of my naturopath friends takes half a spoon a day and so far he's OK. I'd like to see some scientific studies showing ingestion is safe. A much more expensive option is C-60. You can buy it here.

Protecting yourself against shedding:

What can you do if you catch covid?

I've found something that ought to help you no matter where you are on the globe but before I explain you need to understand how it works. Almost verbatim reproduction of Dr Zelenko's explanation on the matter:

"The Zelenko protocol was tested on 6000 patients at the outset of the covid-19 health crisis. It helps keep 85% of high risk patients out of the hospital and from dying. Zinc is the main treatment. It blocks all of the COVID-19 strains viral replication. It inhibits an enzyme called RNA Dependent RNA polymerase, the most important enzyme in the body. Zinc stops the virus from making copies of itself then the immune system clears the virus and you're fine. The problem is that zinc doesn't get into the cells on its own so you need a gun, a delivery agent. Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are prescription drugs which do the job of delivery agent. There are however two risk factors in dying from covid 1) the doctor you chose 2) the government you live under. So the problem with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin is they're being regulated and suppressed and doctors are not giving them. Quercetin on the other hand is over the counter and if Quercetin is combined with vitamin C, it does the same job as ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. If you have the choice between either one of those ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are better but what is essential is to start the treatment early as soon as you have symptoms. The longer you allow covid to replicate in your body, the more damage it will do and it can do damage fast so from that standpoint, taking harmless supplements in case you're not sure seems like a good solution."

One of the reasons why hydroxychloroquine works is because it raises a patient's PH of the interstitial and intercellular fluids by 0.2. Dr Robert Young has demonstrated that a high PH (high alkaline) diet is the cure to all diseases. He recommends drinking at least one litre of water with a PH of 9 to 10 per day. This works if you have Covid, it will also work if you've taken the vaccine.

If you're coughing a lot due to covid, this solution can help.

Finally, Joe Rogan recovered very fast using the following protocol.

What can you do if you have taken a PCR test?

The problem with PCR tests is that there may be DARPA-patented hydrogel on them. There is only one study confirming hydrogel presence on PCR test kits which is not enough. There's one thing that makes me hesitate a great deal in taking this claim seriously and it is this: a country like Australia for instance has approved around 31 suppliers. If there were a conspiracy as big as adding a DARPA patented sustance on PCR test kits, it would make a lot more sense to use a much lower number of suppliers would it not? The larger the number, the greater the chance the secret gets out. On the other hand, if these PCR test kits do contain hydrogel then doing nothing could be life threatening.

If you have to take one in advance then perhaps that a coloidal silver nasal spray could cancel it out. To be on the safe side, I would combine that with an ivermectin treatment as it could be effective at getting rid of it before it crosses the blood-brain barrier. A coloidal silver nasal spray would need to be tested on hydrogel in a petri dish to determine efficacy. So far, I am not aware of any such tests being conducted.

Whilst ivermectin was shown to destroy hydrogel in a petri dish, ivermectin is not a drug that crosses the blood brain barrier well because it's highly lipophilic so we have to use a substitute. Ivermectin is used in the treatment of covid as an anti-parisitic that stops viral cell duplication. Ivermectin is a member of the avermectin class of broad-spectrum antiparasitic agents. What we have to hope for is that an antiparasitic not of the avermectin class would also work. Amongst the candidates are:

- Benznidazole which is expensive, has severe side effects and which it's not clear whether or not it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

- Lampit (Nifurtimox) seems to be effective at crossing blood-brain barrier, has side-effects

According to Celeste Solum, some of these nanobots are magnetic. So if they are attracted to the pineal gland due to its magnetism, it could make sense to sleep with a mask and a magnet on your eye wrapped in a face mask in the hope the crystals are attracted towards a higher magnetised source. Alternatively, you could try filling a bottle cap with water, place the magnet in and put it over your eye so as to create a liquid solution through which the nanobots could travel. No idea if this would work, but considering the potential threat, any non-threatening treatments are worth a try. I have tested sleeping with a magnet on my eye myself with no adverse effects. 

Two additional substitutes for ivermectin are hydroxychloroquine and quercetin combined with vitamin C. Hydroxychloroquine is capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and the indication is that when combined with zinc, it's even more effective at getting where it needs to go. Like ivermectin however long term use can cause severe problems such as blindness and heart problems. According to the Slovakian study the "nanobots" are attracted to the pineal gland through its magnetism. Thus a magnetism removal treatment could render the nanobots harmless. It could also be the case that effective hydroxychloroquine/ivermectin treatment cancel out the ability of nanobots to reproduce if it turns out the body recognises them as a virus and they function in the way they normally would when they meet a virus by stopping the viral cell reproduction. 


Eating meat causes a double loss of alkalinity.

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Presence of graphene in Covid vaccines? A list of laboratory and circumstancial evidence.

The above video is 1 hour of examples of people becoming magnetic after taking the covid-19 vaccine. This type of video has been cleansed from youtube due to censorship and the conspirationist mainstream media would like to have you believe that people from all over the world who are not very smart, not very sophisticated, anti-science, anti-vaxxers conspired to pretend that they had become magnetic with their sweat. Are you satisfied with this explanation? 

One of my friends did this test successfully so I personally know it's true. If he had not, I would have probably been like you doubting the veracity of this conforming with the sceptical mindset conditioning pressure of the mainstream media. The question is how do people become magnetic? Presence of graphene in the vaccines. Even Japan suspects there's a magnetism issue (and here) although not quite the same we point out here. To me, this looks like a nice cover story to maintain trust in governments actually "caring" about their citizens. The truth of the matter when it comes to caring however is that the USA's CDC is making it impossible for doctors to lodge vaccine injury cases on the national database just to cite one of numerous instances of wrongdoing.

I'm going to look at the evidence concerning graphene in vaccines and what it means and then show you what you can do about it if you have been inocculated with this substance (this is now being updated in a separate article). This article aims to summarize what would take a long time to research succinctly.

Why is the suspected presence of graphene in vaccines a problem?

Graphene is carcinogenic and causes a very long list of health problems

Graphene has electro-magnetic properties meaning it can interact with the internet of things. 5G is designed to interact with graphene which essentially means that if these vaccines contain graphene, it's no longer just your phone connected to 5G but you as well. When it comes in contact with heat, it becomes magnetic.

Graphene is stronger than steel, thinner than a human hair and is more conductive than copper.  It can be used as a radio frequency identification (RFID) antenna or as a biological sensor so it's not a microchip but it can be used as a tool to control people at a distance. It doesn't mean that because that is the case, the vaccine was purposefully designed to do that. The properties of graphene could help get the MRNA into every part of the body where it's needed. The big concern here is the other ways in which that graphene could be used seeing to it as it has other use cases as explained herein.

A lot of the research done by Quinta Columna is in Spanish and spread out across many time consuming articles although has a lot in English. To make it easy for people to understand just how bad things are with the vaccine situation, here is a summary of many of their research pieces: 

1) Graphene is not listed as an ingredient in the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson vaccine. However, just because it is not listed in layman terms in the ingredients list does not mean it is not in something which is called a different name because it contains more than just graphene. Pfizer has denied allegations that the vaccine does indeed contain graphene however Pfizer has been fined billions for its criminal actions. But Pfizer is not the only company which has denied magnetism of vaccines. The BBC, USA Today, Forbes and Reuters have all denied that vaccines have magnetic properties. None of the denials they make covers the full extent of the points listed here.

2) According to, "there is no support for the false claim that the vaccines contain "microchips" or ingredients that would result in such a magnetic effect". This is false. The Pfizer vaccine was tested by Professor Pablo Campra from the University of Almeria. His report is available in Spanish here and in English here. He found the Pfizer vaccine contains graphene. As we will see graphene has properties which don't make it much different to a microchip. Let it be noted for the record that the following publications are science deniers: the Independent stated that "there’s no graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine, according to the ingredient list and Kit Longley, senior manager of science media relations at Pfizer", Politifact, Forbes, fullfact, healthfeedback and Reuters. None of these organisations have tested the vials but they did criticise Quinta Columna's chain of custody. Quinta Columna has no sponsors and does not make any money from the claims they make unlike the above listed organisations. How exactly is one supposed to procure themselves a vaccine vial with an acceptable chain of custody? Whilst many denials can be found, no one has published a rebuttal based on a series of independent tests of the vials. Fact checkers deem it acceptable for us to trust Pfizer's word a company with a criminal rap sheet that would make the Italian mafia blush. I have looked for independent laboratory testing of the contents of these vaccines and cannot find anything so for fact checkers to counter claims about graphene in vaccines as heresay without offering any type of counter evidence means three things: 1) They can't establish a chain of custody themselves. 2) They're unprofessional. 3) They might know what's going on.

3) Karen Kingston, an ex-Pfizer employee researched the list of vaccine ingredients and states that they do indeed contain graphene. She states that graphene oxide is not listed in the 183 pages of the patent because it is a trade secret which means that detail is not available to the public. She also states the number 1 reason why it is not listed is because it is well known that it is poisonous to humans. Another reason why it does not appear in the list of vaccine ingredients is because the graphene is surrounded by 4 lipids so all you have to do is give the name of one lipid and you can still state that there's no graphene in the vaccines because it's true in a twisted kind of way. There's lipids with graphene inside but not graphene on its own. The fact that fact checkers do not mention or consider this in any of their rebuttals shows just how lacking they are in analytical rigour. The Independent attempted to deny graphene presence using Allen Myerson, a professor of chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It is not in the ingredient list and there is no way it could be present,” he said, a totally unscientific statement without any evidence to back it up. Did he do a test? No. And this is the standard which the mainstream press and academia expects us to find acceptable. Karen Kingston references an article from Chemical and Engineering News, Pfizer's pegylated lipids are made by Sinopeg ALC-0159 and ALC-0315, for Moderna's it's called a material safety datasheet SM102, PEG-2000, PEG-200, also manufactured by Sinopeg. Karen states very clearly that if graphene gets a positive charge, it annihilates anything that it comes in contact with and for that reason she refers to covid-19 vaccines as bioweapons. Her power point slides can be downloaded here.

4) In another interview, Karen Kingston states "I am as confident that there is graphene oxide in this as gravity existing". She cites the Covid-19 Moderna patent which lists hydrogel amongst the ingredients for their "vaccine". Hydrogel, she states is made of graphene oxide. There are hundreds and hundreds of studies that are on graphene oxide hydrogel lipid nano particles. 

5) Now you would think that in light of the fact that China is strongly suspected by various experts to have produced a bioweapon in the form of the covid-19 virus, vaccine manufacturers would have the common sense not to use China as a supplier for a worldwide vaccine program. Suppose someone kills your child, would you hire them as a baby sitter to look after the one child you have which is still alive? Well the unfortunate thing here is that vaccine manufacturers are not equipped with anything resembling satisfactory common sense and so they deemed it appropriate even though according to Karen Kingston this is not a norm with vaccine production to use China as a supplier. But remember, no matter what happens, you are supposed to trust companies which have been fined billions of dollars for their criminal actions to inject you with a substance they state is safe even though you are not allowed to fully know what is in it due to trade secrecy and intellectual property protection. Bill Gates said as much and of course we should all trust Bill Gates even though Jeffery Epstein was a very good friend of his and Jeffery Epstein is a defunct paedophile who filmed his "friends" having sex with underage minors. So if someone has the tapes, they can get Bill Gates to say whatever they want but that's not something the mainstream media is concerned about obviously.

6) Dr Robert O. Young conducted a phase contrast microscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy study. He concludes categorically that the vaccines contain graphene and he found a number of other toxins too. In the Pfizer vaccine, he found the trypanosoma cruzi parasite of which several variants are lethal. This parasite is one of many causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS.

7) Dr. Martín Monteverde, spokesman for the group of health professionals who submitted the request for the report on the isolation of SARS-CoV-2 in Argentina announced that graphene oxide was found in Vaxigrip Tetra and Moderna vaccines (graphene quantity in Moderna was 99.5% after purification for analysing the contents employing the spectroscopy technique). This is important because it means that Graphene was already being used in vaccines before the covid epidemic started (vials from 2019 were tested). Let's remember that about a million people died after the flu vaccination campaign. It was a very virulent flu, they said. When the average rate is around 600,000 deaths per year worldwide. In fact, it's possible that graphene has been used on an unsuspecting population for the past 10 years.

Parallels between the flu vaccine and the covid vaccine? Anthony Fauci was obsessed with vaccinating everyone with the flu vaccine. So was Pedro Sánchez the Spanish prime minister.

8) "In the case of the Pfizer and Moderna "vaccines", one of the key components are nano-lipid particles which are a brand new tech used on humanity. These are tiny little computer bits. The official reason for this is that it's an on-demand drug delivery system. This substance can be used as bio-sensors for your body. What does that mean? It can accumulate data from your body such as thoughts, emotions etc... This substance has the ability to act through wifi. It can transmit and receive energy or messages or frequencies or impulses. That issue has never been addressed by the vaccine manufacturers. This substance produces its own voltage which is an EMF." Dr Carrie Madej

9) Dr. Chinda Brandolino stated that "at the University of Almería, while she was in Spain, they studied the vaccine. It has 95% graphene oxide*. She asked any physician of goodwill to analyze the vaccine. They can go to the research centers to use the electron microscope and see what's in it." Dr Andreas Kalcker stated that colleagues of his in Germany have analysed the vaccine vials from ALL the manufacturers and found graphene in all of them and magnetite in some. He also notes that graphene inside a person's body makes it much easier to infect others with pathogens.

10)  Doctor Jose L. Sevillano notes that anyone equipped with an optical microscope and a vaccine vial will be able to see the pattern of graphene in the vaccine and you can see little things moving in it too which is something you should not see. Vaccines are not supposed to have matter that is alive within them. They're not supposed to have heavy metals either but these do. Anyone can buy a teslameter, magnetometer or multimeter in order to measure the electric fields in the magnetized area of the vaccinated in fact in order to fight this unrestricted warfare, as the Chinese call it perhaps one of the best tools is to try to make viral videos.

11) American researchers have found self-assembling graphene oxide nano-technology in both the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines.

12) A patent has been deposited by Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology Co Ltd in 2019 for a nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as carrier. Whilst this doesn't show a link with Sinopeg, a chinese-based manufacturer for covid-19 vaccine manufacturers, it does show that graphene in coronavirus vaccines is a possibility.

13) A study conducted on 60 people in Luxemburg, 30 of which have been vaccinated and 30 not shows that the vaccinated show traces of magnetism.

Conclusion: in the vaccinated group: 29 of the 30 individuals interviewed showed attraction to the magnet. That is, the magnet adhered to their skin without difficulty.

This study was repeated by Dr Julien Devilleger, a cardiologue in France with 75 vaccinated and 30 non-vaccinated. Same results. 

In addition to the above, Dr. Maria José Mateo performed an experiment on herself and stuck a patch with a magnet where the vaccine was injected. The plaster turned black.

Dr Andreas Kalcker measured the body's magnetic field of the vaccinated and found that they had indeed become magnetic which cancels for good the dodgy explanation that it could be sweat. Whatsmore he found the magnetism was 7 times more elevated in the arm that had been inoculated than in the arm that had not.

A doctor reviews all of the medical evidence related to this here.

14) People from all over the world have filmed themselves becoming magnetised subsequent to taking the covid "vaccine". Fact checkers have denied that the vaccine cause this here, here, here, and here. Huffpost will gladly tell you about a nurse who attempted to demonstrate magnetism with aluminium which isn't magnetic but have they conducted a study and published results of a large sample of vaccinated vs unvaccinated? Nope. Social engineering is attempting to make out that someone is either stupid or misinformed using examples that make it look that way and the Huffpost article is a great example of that. Have you been social engineered after reading an article or watching a news piece? A study recently showed that the people who don't want to take the vaccine are the smartest around so why are they depicted by the press as conspiracy theorists? Why is it that when I speak to people about this they sometimes begin with "I'm not a conspiracy theorist but...". One word: propaganda.

15) If fact checkers deny the presence of graphene in vaccines, how is it then that it is allowed to be used in PCR tests? Can you imagine that depending on which PCR test you do, you may end up with your brain becoming magnetic? For now, we know this to be an issue with rapid PCR tests which is what's coming next. Although they were withdrawn for a time, masks containing graphene oxide nanoparticles have been introduced and are still being marketed by companies such as Nanografi, so we have masks with graphene oxide, but also graphene oxide nanoparticles introduced in PCR tests; graphene oxide is also present in antigen tests; hydrogels also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles; intranasal vaccines also and whilst we don't necessarily know what these contain, it's useful to know that graphene oxide in aerosols is more potent. 

16) In addition to rapid PCR tests, the standard PCR tests have been tested by various parties and found to contain a variety of nano particles made of silver, aluminium, titanium, glass fibres etc, many of which are undeclared in the package leaflet. A Slovakian lab found that the material in the swab was DARPA patented hydrogel, lithium and nylon. Best way to get rid of this substance once it's in your body is with ivermectin. According to Celeste Solum, the hydrogel contains 33 self assembling nanobots. According to a german lawyer, PCR tests cannot tell you anything about infections and produce mostly false positives. (4hr41 minutes, expert round). Australia uses 30 different manufacturers for PCR tests kits. I don't think they would be using that many if they were hiding something as controversial as hydrogel on them. Having said that, try getting your hands on a PCR test kit for lab analysis, not so easy.

17) Medical scientific litterature shows that introducing graphene into the human body for therapeutical objectives has been under consideration by the scientific community. Worst, it has recently been discussed within a medical journal whether or not this should be used to treat covid-19 (and here). In fact, it may have been used for the past 10 years in medical saline solutions. Even the Independent newspaper states: "There has been research on potentially using graphene oxide in other vaccines, but the amounts would not be toxic to human cells, according to Johns Hopkins infectious disease specialist Dr. Amesh Adalja.".

18) Solutions containing graphene oxide are available for sale on Ali-express for "medical and biological applications". Products are described as containing magnetic nanoparticules and having superconducting properties.

19) The EU is investing 2 billion euros into developping graphene related technology. Amongst the companies involved in this is Pfizer, one of the makers of the covid vaccines. It seems that authorities really want to get graphene oxide inside of people's body. A licence to use it for water purification has just been approved. The reason given is that it has anti-bacterial properties. It also seems to be the case that it could be used for geo-engineering purposes although this is a claim that would be again very difficult to prove. Nestle's San Pellegrino water was recently tested and found to contain graphene oxide.

20) Graphene oxide causes the same symptoms as Covid-19. Graphene oxide inside the body causes thrombogenicity, thrombi,  blood clotting, post inflammatory syndrome or systemic or multi-organ inflammations. Graphene oxide inside the body when it is above the levels of glutathione —which is the body's natural reserve of antioxidants—, causes alteration of the immune system, collapse of the immune system and cytokine storm.

21) When graphene oxide is introduced in the human immune system it is attacked by neutrophils which are cells of the immune system that try to engulf it, to coagulate it. That's why graphene oxide generates clots and thrombi. The combination of graphene and other elements in the vaccines would explain a lot as to why we are observing side effects which include: myocarditi, blood clots, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT), women having their periods for weeks, brain bleeds, bleeds from old scars, some post menopausal women are bleeding, some experiencing miscarriages, bruising on legs, children in proximity to those vaccinated developping nose bleeds and clotting and even in some cases, the entire inside of the uterus falling out as well as feeling disconnected from reality. This sounds surreal but many doctors agree on this: some people who have not been vaccinated are reporting that people around them are experiencing covid symptoms due to being around the vaccinated. This has lead Dr. Lee Merit to speculate that the vaccine spike protein could be a transmittable virus in and of itself.

22)  Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms is a paper that lists the long list of horrible health problems related to graphene nanoparticles being injected in living tissue. A summary is available here.
These materials were put into the list of hazardous agents by The European Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR). Also noteworthy is the fact that graphene disrupts the body's electro magnetic field resulting in death for some.

23) Given that to date there is no scientific evidence of an actual sequencing and isolation of SARS-CoV-2, Quinta Columna suspect that COVID-19 is actually the side effect of the introduction of graphene oxide into the body by different ways. I think that's a theory that would be very difficult to prove so that could be considered a legitimate case of conspiratorial thinking. One thing that made them think this is that Wuhan was the first city in the world with the 5G technology trial at the end of November 2019. That's exactly when the first cases of COVID-19 were shown on TV where Chinese people suffered dyspnea and fell to the ground (some suspect the pandemic in Wuhan could have started as early as August 2019). They would fall all at once in the middle of the street. A person who is sick is not going to go out on the street, they ought to be at home in bed. The suspected 5G radiation is so lethal that if they have previously taken the flu vaccine which is suspected of introducing graphene oxide into their bodies, in just a matter of minutes the person's glutathione levels drop drastically and they faint. When graphene oxide exceeds glutathione levels in the body, it causes the collapse of the immune system and triggers a cytokine storm. And how does graphene oxide exceed glutathione? Well, by electronic excitation. That is to say, it bombards it, oxidizes it more rapidly, and the balance between oxidants and antioxidants in the organism is much higher for the former, thus rapidly triggering the disease. 

24) 5G includes frequencies which can modify the molecule of oxygen. Graphene oxide is a material, and like any material, it has what's called an electronic absorption band. That's a particular frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum at which the material is excited. Through a very weak radio frequency signal, graphene oxide gets excited, proliferates and oxidizes rapidly and this is the reason why it is a concern to have it in vaccines.

25) Bartomeu Payeras Cifre demonstrated a 5G frontier effect ie that there are more cases of Covid in countries with 5G than in countries where there is no 5G. The science feedback critique made of this work is lame at best and as usual with fact checker literature doesn't address the elements of the study which give cause for concern focusing instead on technicalities.

26) MRI scans may result in illness or death subsequent to taking the vaccines. I couldn't find articles supporting this claim and this is an area where it would be very easy to do more research to find out what's happening. There's a possible mainstream scientific cover story for this which is don't do an MRI scan after the vaccine because it might show inflammations on the scan suggesting cancer.  

27) What can this technology be used for? Mining crypto currency and making you compliant no matter how hard your life becomes as a result of global warming. Note that China now has in place a social credit system which rewards and punishes bad actors. There are many trends in place right now suggesting Western governments want to follow the same route. The vaccine passport system is the backbone on which such a system could be built. China's system is the best system of control ever invented to crush dissent. Bill Gates who has been actively involved in this pandemic, deposited a patent, appropriately numbered 666 which proposes to use a microchip to reward humans for good behaviour with crypto currency. If I understand graphene correctly, there is no need for a microchip anymore because the biosensors in your post-vaccine body can be used to read all of your thoughts and emotions and even introduce new ones without you realising it. Isn't it an interesting coincidence that Bill Gates who was actively involved on the vaccine side of the pandemic also deposited this patent? And there is yet another coincidence related to Lucifer. Moderna has patented a Synthetic DNA Genome called the Luciferase enzyme. Luciferase is a light source and will give a digital readout when the injected is scanned, kind of like a digital tattoo. The Luciferase enzyme is the active component that will light up the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System. Note that freemasonry believes in Lucifer as the Lord Commander of the Earth. It would be quite surprising if these were not masonic references.

28) Once a person is connected to 5G through the presence of graphene in their body, their thoughts and emotions can be read as well as new ones embedded into them. Chili is already putting in place a legal framework which relates to this matter. The president of Chili, discussing 5G said on camera: "5G is the possibility that machines can read our thoughts and they can also insert thoughts and insert emotions". In 2016, the Guardian published an article about a genetically engineered magneto protein which could control the human brain and behaviour. This amounts to nothing less than total control of the population and humans becoming living puppets.

29) N-acetylcysteine is useful against COVID-19, as explained by pulmonologist Dr. Roger Seheult in his MedCram lecture. By raising glutathione, it helps combat oxidative stress, which is a main factor in the cytokine storm associated with COVID-19. Given the availability of a cheap effective supplement, isn't it curious that on June 17 the World Health Organization, through the FDA, wanted to prohibit the commercialization of N-acetylcysteine when it has been on the market for 57 years? And whilst this may be linked to an attempt to use it as a main ingredient in covid-19 medicine and thus mark up the price, it is still very suspicious that a helpful harmless supplement which can help people who are suffering is targeted in this fashion.

30) Graphene oxide is naturally eliminated by the levels of glutathione in the body, and that is why Quinta Columna suspects that they propose a second, third and even fourth dose every so often: so that you have your considerable dose of graphene oxide.
When we study glutathione, we realize that it begins to fall from the age of 30 onwards, but above all it falls considerably from the age of 65 onwards. In fact, COVID-19 takes a heavier toll on older people, apart from those who are immunocompromised and have other pathologies. Children have high glutathione reserves because of their youth, and the COVID-19 disease itself hardly has an impact on children. Similarly, glutathione is especially low in the obese population and the obese are most affected by COVID-19.

31) Now consider this: Fauci is the head of the NIH whose mandate overlaps that of the CDC is the most visible health authority in the covid health crisis. In 1994, he was accused of genocide. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is head of the WHO, he is suspected by Genocide watch of genocide in Ethiopia and a complaint was made against him at the international criminal court in the Hague. Bill Gates is the biggest funder of the WHO. Did you know he has a long history of wrongdoing with vaccines? And did you know that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has worked in conjunction with DARPA in order to create nano-technology implantable in the human body and which works with 5G

32) Did you know that Pfizer is a military research contractor? And did you know that in 2013, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) funded Pfizer and Moderna to do the research to produce the MRNA vaccines? So the same military agency that has the patent for hydrogel which was found on PCR test kits in Slovakia also funded the research for the MRNA COVID-19 vaccines. So you have a bioweapon made in China funded by Fauci's NIH and the vaccine for that bioweapon is funded by the US military and we're supposed to think that's not suspicious? For some background history on the military's involvement, read this.

33) The vaccinated are setting off store alarms. Videos like this are not necessarily the most reliable source of information as they can be staged but within the context of everything else, it's an interesting additional consideration.

34) In this video 1m56s, you see a vaccinated mother using a fluorescent UV light to visualise the graphene oxide in her arm.

35) Why do we have to wear masks if 35 scientific studies say they don't work? Nano particules pass right through their fabric so why wear them? Because when you wear a mask, it creates oxygen deprivation which then leads to pathological blood coagulation leading to clots, leading to pulmonary embolism which leads to death, death by suffocation. 

36) There is a surveillance mechanism already in place which could offer some perspective on the human/machine interaction applications. If you have time and you speak French, it's also worth having a look at what Jacques Attali (France's shadow, secret society president) says because what he is saying about the future is what is being planned covertly. One example of this? He speaks in detail about the coronavirus crisis 40 years before it happens. This is what freemasons do. They have a plan extending over a couple hundred years, much like the Chinese do. The one world government was announced on the $1 dollar bill donkeys years ago for instance. At the heart of what is being done with these vaccines is a transhuman ideology which ought to lead to unity consciousness but this would be a subset unity consciousness which can be controlled by one entity and when you consider that for freemasons, the lord commander of the Earth is Satan, that could be who is in charge.  Clearly the desire to target the pineal gland with fluoride and now destroy it with PCR tests is indicative of a desire to create a subset unity consciousness completely cut off from the connection to "God" and that looks rather nefarious to me. Atlantis worked like that and one of the things that independent researchers have linked with graphene is black goo so it might make sense spending some time trying to find out about that as well given this could be history repeating itself once again.

37) Top officials at the FDA are resigning over the government's push for booster shots. What does that mean? That this is not a health-centred and focused vaccination drive but rather that it is political and if it is political it means that there is an ulterior motive for vaccinating that has absolutely nothing to do with health.

38) The latest lab tests indicate that there are potentially "self aware" structures with tentacules in Moderna vaccines.

39) The doctor in this video shows microscope analysis of jabbed people's blood as well as analysis of vaccine vial contents and explains the dire health issues associated the jabbed can expect moving forwards.

40) Thousands of sharp metal pieces have been found in droplets of the vaccine vials by a worldwide group of doctors who has examined hundreds of vials. This group of doctor says that these substances have no business being in vaccine vials.


When you consider that a study shows that natural immunity is 13 times more effective than getting vaccinated and that policy makers are not budging in spite of this information, you begin to understand that there has to be an agenda behind the drive to vaccinate and it's not a concern for the public's health, clearly so what is it then?

Some people are concerned that a genocide is in the making because all it would take is one microwave sent from a 5G antenna and a person who has graphene inside of them dies on the spot. Dr Jose L. Sevillano doesn't think that the goal is genocide because there are other more effective ways of doing that. He has characterised the covid vaccine as the "ultimate tool required to enslave all of mankind". Other doctors disagree with him and think that the vaccinated only have 2-3 years left to live. Their main concern is that the vaccine causes blood clotting including blood clotting in the brain.

Bear in mind elites talk of a Great Reset thereby announcing their agenda in advance and although they paint a flowery picture of this Great Reset, the model they have in mind is China, a country with no freedom of speech and no freedom of protest and therefore no freedom of choice. 

Hate speech laws have been a thing of late. Canada passed hate speech laws in June 2021. In fact, Canada has passed some of the most tyrannical attacks on free speech I have ever heard of and what is a concern is that these initiatives are being tested out globally so these laws might not affect you right now but they will show up in your country probably soon. Hate speech was included in European law in April 2021, attempts were made in the US but rejected by the Supreme Court, in Japan it's been on the table since 2016. All of this is in the name of woke culture, a culture that has been lauded and celebrated by both the CIA and MI5. There's no question that the elite that is behind the vaccine pushing is fully aware of the content of these vaccines and the technological possibilities and ramifications. Race and woke culture are the fronts used for the justification of these laws but the real concern is collective anger against reckless decision making, promotion and enforcement. If these vaccines contain graphene in the proportions found by independent lab tests, many people in the media, government and the medical profession are potentially guilty of crimes against humanity and the anger backlash for what will happen will be colossal hence the need for hate speech protection. If the vaccines contain what researchers around the world are finding, the distribution and mandatory vaccinations attempts of these would be in breach of many, many domestic and international laws as has been pointed out by Karen Kingston. 

We don't know the long term effects of the vaccine and we're told that medicines that have been used for decades are unsafe relative to experimental vaccines which have been made available only under emergency use. According to Dr Zelenko, doctors in the US are reporting that they can't log in covid-19 vaccine injuries onto the system that is supposed to keep track of this which makes it impossible to then contest the safety of any CDC's decision to legitimise these vaccines and therefore make them mandatory.

What can you do if you have already taken the vaccine?

Reviewing all the evidence, it seems likely that Covid as well as the covid vaccines are bioweapons. There is a tremendous amount of disinformation, actions and recommendations that do not add up, partial truths, falsehoods and incomplete information being presented to the general public at this time so it's very hard to clearly make sense of what is happening.

You may not be sick after taking the vaccine but we do not know the long term effects of the vaccine or the nefarious ways in which it could be used. The main concern is that if these vaccines contain graphene, then how do you get it out of your body? 

Quinta Columna has successfully found ways of degrading graphene using a combination of anti-oxidants. They recommend in particular N-acetylcysteine and zinc. You can find out more about a more detailed treatment in this video

You can get your blood tested to verify if you are magnetic. And you can also take these steps. Quinta Columna has the following articles on healing yourself: article 1, article 2, article 3, article 4 and article 5.

The linked article has a summary of what you can do if you have been vaccinated. This article has some additional suggestions. This webiste also offers plenty of relevant context concerning the extraordinary number of scams, disinformation and information suppression that surround this "pandemic".

There is also a spiritual way to fight this: by maintaining a high vibration. I thought that was a bit woo-woo but after listening to Harald Kautz Vella and reading an article about this, I can look back at my own experience of meeting a magnetiser and conclude that, yes this should work but requires some training in my opinion. The magnetiser in question was able to short circuit electronic equipment. This is possible if you are full of love, feel really good about yourself, want to help others and you have a lot of living energy within you. 

How can I detox from nanobot technology?

What can you do if you catch covid?

If there ever was a time to understand the importance of an ivermetine (see this as well and a full list of medical research on subject here) or hydroxychloroquine treatment, it is now but that's not available everywhere. See a comparison of options here. So I've found something that ought to help you no matter where you are on the globe but before I explain you need to understand how it works. Almost verbatim reproduction of Dr Zelenko's explanation on the matter:

"The Zelenko protocol was tested on 6000 patients at the outset of the covid-19 health crisis. It helps keep 85% of high risk patients out of the hospital and from dying. Zinc is the main treatment. It blocks all of the COVID-19 strains viral replication. It inhibits an enzyme called RNA Dependent RNA polymerase, the most important enzyme in the body. Zinc stops the virus from making copies of itself then the immune system clears the virus and you're fine. The problem is that zinc doesn't get into the cells on its own so you need a gun, a delivery agent. Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are prescription drugs which do the job of delivery agent. There are however two risk factors in dying from covid 1) the doctor you chose 2) the government you live under. So the problem with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin is they're being regulated and suppressed and doctors are not giving them. Quercetin on the other hand is over the counter and if Quercetin is combined with vitamin C, it does the same job as ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. If you have the choice between either one of those ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are better but what is essential is to start the treatment early as soon as you have symptoms. The longer you allow covid to replicate in your body, the more damage it will do and it can do damage fast so from that standpoint, taking harmless supplements in case you're not sure seems like a good solution.

What is the motive for all of this? 

If we look at this through the lense of one of the principal stakeholders of this crisis, Bill Gates, he was heavily involved in funding various levels of this covid operation, some suspect he may even have been involved in planning it. He was involved in a simulation of this exact pandemic and the fact-checker response before the pandemic even started. He is very concerned about the global warming situation and has done a colossal amount of research on the matter. Most people have no idea what is coming and what it means. In 2022 or 2023 according to ex-professor Guy Mcpherson of Nature Bats Last, there will be a blue ocean event in the Arctic. This means global temperatures will immediately increase from 1.3 degrees above pre-industrial levels to 1.9 degrees. This means possibly the end of agriculture and very likely famine and we are already seeing the beginning of this in both the United States and Brazil this season with significant crop failures and food inflation across the board. One possible scenario for the coronavirus vaccine seems to be to offer the ruling elite essentially an off switch to liquidate vast swathes of the global population should the need arise in order to buy what's left of humanity some time. In other words, perhaps the coronavirus vaccine is a last ditch effort at saving Planet Earth from ourselves. I would not be surprised if Bill Gates came to the conclusion this was the only way possible through his research. But Bill Gates couldn't have pulled this off on his own. There is only  one secret organisation with global reach and an ethos that would permit supporting such a thing and that is freemasonry. Freemasonry has secret signs and handshakes one of which is the secret hand. Anthony Fauci was filmed ahead of a press conference giving out the secret hand sign. The plans and activities of this secret society as well as others are well documented in particular by a Rhodes Scolar, Carol Quigley in Tragedy and Hope.   

Dr Zeleneko has expressed great concern on the push to vaccinate children which represents in his eyes child sacrifice. Freemasonry encourages witchcraft and witchcraft has the concept of blood sacrifice embedded in it (find out more about this from a former freemason here). What will come out of this is what freemasonry thinks of as the great work, the great reset, the new secular order: a one world government. Nobody will have access to independent information anymore, access to the internet will be heavily controlled, freedom will be a bygone idea, we will be ruled by propaganda and we will be prey for a government that has complete power over the world and an ethos which does not involve caring for people other than pretending to do so. The new world order is a plan for the enslavement of mankind and a plan for total control. The slaves will never know or understand the mechanics of the horrifying superstructure ruling them because anyone trying to inform them about that will be prohibited from buying goods and services. That's what the cashless society is about. NWO represents a bankruptcy of morals and values where one elite rules over the rest of mankind through deceipt and there is absolutely no room for disobediance or disagreement. It's neo-feudalism. It is an idea based on the freemasonic concept that one should care only about one's self and not your fellow man, indulge oneself, be greedy, lie to others without shame, look down on people who are not freemasons etc... Freemasons hate Christianity for good reason. It's the opposite worldview that they have. The new secular order prominently displayed on the $1 dollar bill is a mockery of truth, ultimate reality and the direct experience of God. It's a world built on a concept of master-slave relationship. Elites have been attempting to impose such a thing since prehistory and this is documented in the Oera Linda book. It represented a corruption of the priesthood back then and it still does now. What we should be after as a civilisation is Nirvana, not enslavement so this colossal effort they've made over 300 years is really a recipe for turning the Earth into a wasteland. We're already far enough gone thanks to the pernicious impact of their materialistic legacy that what the Masons chose to do or not do might be quite irrelevant. The best we can hope for is for light to shine on this darkness.